Friday, July 29, 2011

Small Success Thursday July is over? edition

Yesterday was Thursday but it was long! so no posting till this morning. We have finished the girls' Summer Strings program with the public schools and it was fun. One of the inner city schools was the location and they made friends. Two of the girls were able to play for the afternoon between the last class and the last concert since I was their ride. (At the gorgeous Wisteriahurst)

"Oh, you should see my Wisteria-It is beautiful today and the place is rightly named…Father has just come up from the mill and is sitting out on the piazza taking in the perfume of the flowers which he seems to appreciate."
-Sarah Skinner in a letter to Belle Skinner, May 1901.

Photograph by John Waitling

I am very grateful today for my van and my big home and my quiet, safe neighborhood. I am inpressed by the families raising such wonderful children in the midst of the poverty, noise and chaos below the canals in our city.

So, successes:
1. Vacation planned including a night away to celebrate our anniversary.
2. Cleaned my desk this week.
3.Bought everything we need to reseat the dining room chairs.

Good week.


*kate said...

Have fun on your anniversary vacation!
Have a good weekend :)

Mary B said...

Thanks! Can't wait.