Saturday, July 16, 2011

Small Success Thursday (late= again)

First apologies to FB users. Settings have changed since I first set up both FB and this blog and linked them. Occasionally FB pulls the last 10 of my posts, changes their order and puts all of them on my page at once. It will be a big success when I solve that problem.

Anyway today we have a big party planned for my Zoe's 10th birthday. All I have left to do is decoratem buy ice and drinks and sides, finish the rice and beans, pick up the cake and a flute lesson. You can see why I haven't posted.

Three successes?
1 Took Zoe for a haircut and it came out cute.
2 Vacuumed. The rug won't give up the dog hair but I did vacuum.
3 Took David for his permit test and then for a first drive in a parking lot.

One big success was finally offering most of my homeschool books for sale. I'll have to sell the rest online though so we'll see.

Hope all are well and already visited Sherry!

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