Thursday, August 25, 2011

Come Tour my Classroom!

I have lots of homework over the weekend: MAPS, Aleks, Mass Standards and the big binder of information on McMahon School. Yay! Homework!

Small Success Thursday- The insomnia post

Sherry at Chocolate for your Brain has (wisely) not posted yet (its 3:50am) but I'm up with Murphy's insomnia so here goes:
UPDATE: HERE's the Link
1) HIRED!!!!! Not a very small thing in my world. Instead of an English spot I'll be the Computer Room teacher. Mostly involves team teaching-- the students improve Math Skills on a program called ALEKS or work on a paper for English, History etc. Hoping to show I learned plenty about this last semster.

2) Cleaned my house the other day -as in actually swept from the boys room in the attic all the way to the first floor. Prettied up the dining room and living room and it has (mostly) stayed that way)

3) Made a second batch of sauce!

4) Cleaned out the last of the conference supplies! We had a Used Curriculum sale Monday and I sold/gave away lots and made sure everyone had a share in the left overs. Cheryl and I recycled the last on the Welcome bag flyers. Today I tossed the really dead books and VCR tapes noone wanted.

5) BTS shopping with the teen boy done. 2 stores Dick's Sporting Goods and Target. Still cannot believe I have a successful athelete for a child.

6) Bought classroom supplies and books for kids about computers for my classroom. I also designed and printed stickers to label them:

from the Classroom of
     Mrs. Brazeau
So it was a good week despite the many days I was very frustrate with the job search. Hope you have some Small Success to share. I'll post the link when Sherry wakes up and has her coffee,

Monday, August 22, 2011

Parenting Question

from my friend Patrice at Spiritual Woman
I have some thoughts but need a day to pull them together.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Joyful Cooking!

Joyful weekend after a long week. (no answer from the job interview still)
I spent Saturday in PJ's cooking and cleaning. (Now I really can't wait for DH to stay home and be the wife. He's a better cook, cleaner etc. But when I snap out of it I can get a lot done in one day.) Friday I made our trip to Mountain View Farm. This is the CSA we joined after The Food Bark Farm closed. Its gorgeous and friendly and Ben and Liz are an amazing couple.

This is my favorite; cravings dictate having some weekly.
Gorgeous curly kale quick cooked
with olive oil and sweet onion.

More seconds should make another great batch.
We have one watermelon left from last week
and these tomatoes were the regular share.

Mushrooms, onion, peppers, eggplant to add.

We pick up the share amount on the board every week and then have the opportunity to buy other local grown organic food, low spray fruits and sometimes can buy flats of seconds or extras to process.
This is a small, beautiful example of the quality of the produce.

My plan of attack normally involves:
1) Clean out the fridge the day before
2) Start something, anything! to get started
3) Get cleaning (the kids clear table, run dishwasher etc and don't clean to a mom's standard)
4) Use food grinder or food processor to slice tomatoes. (Love my cone sieve but its messy and adds a step. Besides the fiber of the seeds and skins is good for us.)
5) Prep and cook down a variety of veggies to make each frozen container of sauce a unique meal.
(I had to buy the mushrooms and onions at Stop and Shop this time.)

My Corner!
This batch made 12 containers of frozen sauce plus dinner.

Never know what strange veggies will come home from the farm!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Small Success Thursday - To the future!

I'm determined to look to the future with more joy. Its been disheartening not to hear back on interviews and other job applications but looking at my small (and big) successes this week is really helping. Be sure to visit Sherry with your successes!

1) Managed to squeak out a few more prayers than I had lately. Espcially I've tried to manage a morning prayer before getting out of bed.

2) Cancelled one of my events to be present to the kids and Dear Husband in the rare times both are home. Would have been nice to sing there but no one was up to attending.

3) Helped my employer hire a new office manager through a temp agency: contacting agencies, setting up email, sorting resumes, scheduling interviews and discussing after interviews. Bonus: He's getting a great Catholic woman! (Not on his list of requirements but I'm betting we're answering prayer.)

4) Met the couple who will chair the New England Catholic Homeschool Conference being hosted by St Thomas More College of Liberal Arts. They have great ideas and are finalizing the location. Big news soon!

(is that it? OOooo! How could I forget!?!)

5) A van full of donations went to the tag sale for our new merged parish, a vanful went to a used clothing store, a vanful is ready for a friend's fundraiser tagsale. I got rid of so much I let myself go to TJMax for some clearance tops and a pair of pants for work.

6) sewed! actually held a needle and thread. Just hemming for myself and my daughter but it was awesome!

Thanks must go to my teens for stepping up on cleaning out rooms, my Lissa-Belle for for taking her siblings for a day and night of painting, tag, games, ice cream, hiking etc, and DH.

Now don't forget to share your Small Successes (and for a day ignore what did not get done,)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Have you read this?

The Giant Internet Hand of Spanking!
or why sometimee blogger will go for days without posting anything.....

I may need to follow her - very funny!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Small Success Thursday - mostly

1) Only blew up at the kids a few times a day since vacation. The lack of cleaning or helping without rolled eyes hit its limit last Saturday. We are finally finding the floor and clean laundry.

2) Survived another car incident- only $400 in for this one.

3) Booked an interview for tomorrow morning and built a portfolio of EVERYTHING I want to use to plan teaching that grade.

4) Spent our anniversary gift money (and our Christmas budget) on a TV, Blueray and a nice console for the livingroom. It was a great day and Dear Hubby is very happy.

5) Spent the week helping my boss start the search for a new office manager. I was always interested in the hiring process so its been fun.

Congratulations to Sherry at Chocolate for Your Brain on her 21st! wedding anniversary.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Small Success Thursday- Cape Cod version

Having a wonderful time here at my Mother-in-law's home. I feel like I need to be on top of the job search so I'm not fully vacationing but I did make sure to be mom.

1) actually watched them play at the beach: not just because I had 3 internet friends nearly lose a child in a swimming accident this summer. (scary!) I just remembered they won't always play this way. I think the teens are really having a hard time without Grandpa this visit though.

2) took one daughter and my SIL shopping: Found cute shoes for all three of us and future work clothes for me! 2 professional dresses-- and let my teen choose 'teacher jewelry' for me.

3) took the three little girls for an adventure: Playground trip and ice cream included a visit to the beaches their older siblings used to swim. Vistited Glendale and Bank St despite a huge traffic jam in Harwich I wasn't expecting. Had our cones at the Weatherdeck. yum

Don't forget Moms to visit Sherry at Chocolate for your Brain and share your Small Successes. It's so easy to focus on what's gone wrong instead.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Almost 25 years- only 24 hours to celebrate

Get a hotel room where they have a pool.
Go to Chandler's Tavern
at Yankee Candle in South Deerfield.
Let your DH order the wine-- Mondavi
and enjoy with Blue Crab Cake, Prime Rib, Grilled Salmon and amazing fresh veggie dishes.
Follow with free celebration Key Lime Cheesecake.

Share with the same person who has been your best friend for 33 years (even when you didn't know it) and has been married to you for 25 years.

Equals content.