Sunday, August 21, 2011

Joyful Cooking!

Joyful weekend after a long week. (no answer from the job interview still)
I spent Saturday in PJ's cooking and cleaning. (Now I really can't wait for DH to stay home and be the wife. He's a better cook, cleaner etc. But when I snap out of it I can get a lot done in one day.) Friday I made our trip to Mountain View Farm. This is the CSA we joined after The Food Bark Farm closed. Its gorgeous and friendly and Ben and Liz are an amazing couple.

This is my favorite; cravings dictate having some weekly.
Gorgeous curly kale quick cooked
with olive oil and sweet onion.

More seconds should make another great batch.
We have one watermelon left from last week
and these tomatoes were the regular share.

Mushrooms, onion, peppers, eggplant to add.

We pick up the share amount on the board every week and then have the opportunity to buy other local grown organic food, low spray fruits and sometimes can buy flats of seconds or extras to process.
This is a small, beautiful example of the quality of the produce.

My plan of attack normally involves:
1) Clean out the fridge the day before
2) Start something, anything! to get started
3) Get cleaning (the kids clear table, run dishwasher etc and don't clean to a mom's standard)
4) Use food grinder or food processor to slice tomatoes. (Love my cone sieve but its messy and adds a step. Besides the fiber of the seeds and skins is good for us.)
5) Prep and cook down a variety of veggies to make each frozen container of sauce a unique meal.
(I had to buy the mushrooms and onions at Stop and Shop this time.)

My Corner!
This batch made 12 containers of frozen sauce plus dinner.

Never know what strange veggies will come home from the farm!


Patty said...

What's in the jar next to the doggie biscuits?

Mary B said...

That's his food. Henry can nudge open cabinets so we need the food up high.

Theresa said...

Lovely! I love Mountain View Farm.