Thursday, August 25, 2011

Small Success Thursday- The insomnia post

Sherry at Chocolate for your Brain has (wisely) not posted yet (its 3:50am) but I'm up with Murphy's insomnia so here goes:
UPDATE: HERE's the Link
1) HIRED!!!!! Not a very small thing in my world. Instead of an English spot I'll be the Computer Room teacher. Mostly involves team teaching-- the students improve Math Skills on a program called ALEKS or work on a paper for English, History etc. Hoping to show I learned plenty about this last semster.

2) Cleaned my house the other day -as in actually swept from the boys room in the attic all the way to the first floor. Prettied up the dining room and living room and it has (mostly) stayed that way)

3) Made a second batch of sauce!

4) Cleaned out the last of the conference supplies! We had a Used Curriculum sale Monday and I sold/gave away lots and made sure everyone had a share in the left overs. Cheryl and I recycled the last on the Welcome bag flyers. Today I tossed the really dead books and VCR tapes noone wanted.

5) BTS shopping with the teen boy done. 2 stores Dick's Sporting Goods and Target. Still cannot believe I have a successful athelete for a child.

6) Bought classroom supplies and books for kids about computers for my classroom. I also designed and printed stickers to label them:

from the Classroom of
     Mrs. Brazeau
So it was a good week despite the many days I was very frustrate with the job search. Hope you have some Small Success to share. I'll post the link when Sherry wakes up and has her coffee,


*kate said...

Congratulations on your new job! I'm sure it will be a wonderful adventure :)

Jody Worsham said...

I taught high school for 39 years but never fully mastered the computer. I did successfully manage to click on everybody's successes so I guess that is a small succes in itself. The Medicare Mom.

Sherry said...

Congratulations on the new job! That's awesome! It also sounds like you took on the week with gusto and really got a lot done. Ironically, I'd written the post at five and decided to hold it to post so people wouldn't think I'm nuts.