Thursday, August 11, 2011

Small Success Thursday - mostly

1) Only blew up at the kids a few times a day since vacation. The lack of cleaning or helping without rolled eyes hit its limit last Saturday. We are finally finding the floor and clean laundry.

2) Survived another car incident- only $400 in for this one.

3) Booked an interview for tomorrow morning and built a portfolio of EVERYTHING I want to use to plan teaching that grade.

4) Spent our anniversary gift money (and our Christmas budget) on a TV, Blueray and a nice console for the livingroom. It was a great day and Dear Hubby is very happy.

5) Spent the week helping my boss start the search for a new office manager. I was always interested in the hiring process so its been fun.

Congratulations to Sherry at Chocolate for Your Brain on her 21st! wedding anniversary.


Maria said...

Good luck on the interview tomorrow! Great job on getting everything ready for it.

I'm sure #1 was tough to accomplish. I think tensions & behaviors in our house have been out of control w/ all the heat lately. Thankfully the last two days have been much cooler & beautiful.

Mary B said...

Thanks! I'm dressed and ready.

you're tight about the heat- that and lack of schedule make a bad combination.

Sherry said...

Hope the interview went well. Sounds like you added joy to your home and had a great week!