Thursday, August 18, 2011

Small Success Thursday - To the future!

I'm determined to look to the future with more joy. Its been disheartening not to hear back on interviews and other job applications but looking at my small (and big) successes this week is really helping. Be sure to visit Sherry with your successes!

1) Managed to squeak out a few more prayers than I had lately. Espcially I've tried to manage a morning prayer before getting out of bed.

2) Cancelled one of my events to be present to the kids and Dear Husband in the rare times both are home. Would have been nice to sing there but no one was up to attending.

3) Helped my employer hire a new office manager through a temp agency: contacting agencies, setting up email, sorting resumes, scheduling interviews and discussing after interviews. Bonus: He's getting a great Catholic woman! (Not on his list of requirements but I'm betting we're answering prayer.)

4) Met the couple who will chair the New England Catholic Homeschool Conference being hosted by St Thomas More College of Liberal Arts. They have great ideas and are finalizing the location. Big news soon!

(is that it? OOooo! How could I forget!?!)

5) A van full of donations went to the tag sale for our new merged parish, a vanful went to a used clothing store, a vanful is ready for a friend's fundraiser tagsale. I got rid of so much I let myself go to TJMax for some clearance tops and a pair of pants for work.

6) sewed! actually held a needle and thread. Just hemming for myself and my daughter but it was awesome!

Thanks must go to my teens for stepping up on cleaning out rooms, my Lissa-Belle for for taking her siblings for a day and night of painting, tag, games, ice cream, hiking etc, and DH.

Now don't forget to share your Small Successes (and for a day ignore what did not get done,)


munchesmom said...

YAY for you! Sounds like you've had a great, productive week. What an amazing amount of donations you managed to get rid of! I'm sure you felt great afterwards.

Mary B said...

It was great! I was given way too many hand-me-downs that were never even tried on. Need to cut way back on what I accept into the house.

*kate said...

Wow, great week! We passed on bags of clothes for donation this week too :)

Patrice Fagnant-MacArthur said...

The perfect job will come. God has something wonderful in mind for you!