Saturday, September 3, 2011

No Small Joys!

and there were no Small Successes this week. I worked full time for the first time in years and loved it. I loved my job despite the first day of actual school(not meetings) having 7th graders who would not listen long enough for me to get them on the computer. Took forever to get all my permissions and all (as in I'm having to use someone else's user and password for certain processes.) But the week was fabulous!

Joy 1-- First and second graders marching through on their tour. Adorable!

Joy 2-- 4th graders with Aspergers "I already know everything about the computer."

Joy 3 -- 7 year old with Austism holding my hand on the mouse and rejoicing at each right answer.

Joy 4 -- not having any students at the time of fire drills (yep- we had two!)

Joy 5-- Leslie's reaction to the first day of school. and Zoe's and Marie's and Sarah's and David's.

Joy 6-- Friday after school all of my family descending to see my NJ sister's kids.
Joy 7-- Saturday am Breakfast with Mum, Dad and All My Sisters!!!!! (Huston we have a problem.)
             Bubbles, silly photos, too much coffeee and names drawn for the Christmas swap.

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