Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Coming up for (*cough*) air

Switching what I teach three weeks into the school year proved extremely difficult. I had really put all of my brain into the technology class and was really enjoying it. Holyoke uses a different approach from a company called America's Choice. Its a unique and successful way of teaching Higher Order Thinking within the Reading and Writing components but it really took a long time for my coach to help me get past the basics. This was made worse by the fact that the previous teacher had not followed the First 20 Days plan.
The only day I cried was the day after Open House at my kids new school. Compared to their ELA room mine was an embarassment. Thankfully I was able to get some early mornings and late afternoons to be presentable by our Open House.
But Friday was a special day. Jeff is official done working full time. He's the stay at home dad. It will be such a relief because working opposite shifts has been hard on all of us and the kids really missed him. We had both worked 6 days a week most of the way through fall. We're exhausted physically (hence the colds) and emotionally.
The storm here in the northeast is still shut down from the storm. We've had power and only lost landline and internet a couple days. Its given us much needed reast and family time. Jeff's practiced his cooking and baking skills and cleaned out the finance files. I had brought home tons of papers to correct and posted grades.
There is so much else I wish I'd had time to blog about: the dangers of my son's job, my classes and the great books we're reading, missing my friends and sisters, choir, my daughter's art.
But for now I'm just very grateful for rest.
And Candy corn!

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