Thursday, December 22, 2011

Small Success Thursday- It's finally Christmas Vacation!

I was thrilled today to have my students (well most of them) read their final memoir piece from our Author's Chair. They listened to each other, read clearly and we had a great time. We even cleaned out our bins and took down signs to get ready for our new unit in January.

I came home and crashed completely!

I've only made one batch of cookies-- DH has kept me well cared for so I haven't had to think about meals at all. DH's done laundry and given me shopping time so all I have to think about is ironing. He even surprised me by visiting my favorite store and picking out a gorgeous, comfy oufit for me!

I did make it to Reconcilliation this week and to choir practice so I feel ready for Christmas the Holy Day.
That's it. That's plenty.
Merry Christmas
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SherryTex said...

Firstly, Merry Christmas.

I made one batch of cookies and you know what my kids did? ate them. So you're one up on me if the things get sent.

Being ready for today is the most important thing one could do; well done and many blessings in the coming year.