Friday, August 24, 2012


After months of work by my mother, artist Dianne Murphy, and my husband, graphic designer Jeff Brazeau we have sent a collection of her work to the printer! Her gorgeous collection of Sweet Angels have been made into an amazing full color glossy calendar.
Her website is also now up and running. Please follow at Art for the Journey and email if you want to pre-order. They are just $12, probably $15 will include tax and shipping.

Email is info   @   Dianne Murphy dot com

(No spaces, replace dot with . and notice--- 2 n's)

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Yes! Mani Pedi done after finishing my paper. Eati...

Mani Pedi done after finishing my paper.
Eating candy at the movies with my girls!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

To do list for the NEWLY HIRED! Updated

1. Open the wine dear hubby buys you. Check.
2. Have a sleepless night with anxiety and excitement. Check.
3. Go to Mass very gratefully. Check.

So, I had no summer between the 4 classes and the job search. This job starts in just 1 week. This is the real To-Do list:

1. Hide resume on Monster and CareerBuilder to stop calls about selling insurance. Check.
2. Write a 1 page paper on "The Failure of Justice, the Failure of Arthur" by Laura K. Bedwell Check. and give an oral report tomorrow.

3. Write a 10 page paper on the culture of blindness to injustice precipitating the fall of Camelot using 10 secondary resources. Check!!!!By Wednesday.

4. Sign paperwork for new job. Check!!!!
5. Haircut. Check!!!!
6. Celebrate anniversary. Check!!!!
7. Finish Spanish tests and assignments by the 10th. So close! Check
8. Take girls to promised movie Brave. 4 today! Check(could it be one of my secondary resources?)
9. Return book rentals and decide NEVER to rent college texts again and to preach the evils of text rentals to the 4 corners of the world. return label printed Check!!!!
10. Create a web page for my Mum's art and start selling the calendars of her art.
11. Breathe, sleep, and arrived bright eyed and bushy-taled on Monday.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


My son is now engaged! This is wonderful news for us because she is such a wonderful person and they are both better together.

Its worthy of blogging but I think it'll be a very long time till I blog more. I haven't even updated my Goodreads to show what my professors have assigned. I'm really enjoying the essential questions of the 2 courses:
1- What is a novel?
2- Is adolescence a construct?

Sunday, May 13, 2012


Learning to use my new tablet.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Yay Melissa! Graduate of Visual Arts with Studio Concentration and Elementary Ed. Cum Laude!
Love you!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Small Success - only 1 day late

** Note- Sherry is still the host but its cenetered at Lisa's to increase how many women participate. Please join us!
#1- My David is ready for Confirmation tonight and I even hemmed the new pants.
#2- Took my Sarah through the old downtown for a photojournalism project
#3- Found my desk at work and survived my first evaluation

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Small Success Thursday - "What time is it?" edition

So, my poor husband has to deal with me. Two trainings, having to keep the cell phone quiet, meetings during every prep time lead to overtime. Major unpredictable overtime. Today I actually checked my cell, answered him that I'd be there 10 more minutes but then answered another text. Then when I finally cleared my desk had to stop to talk to two others.

Anyway today we put aside the crazy days and failed attempts and look for some small successes to celebrate. Why? Sometimes moms can be very hard on themselves and our kids pick up on that. They may become hard on themselves or disrespect mom. Both are problematic.

So my successes are:
1) Made it to Maggie's first birthday party! So much fun celebrating 80's style.
2) Watched some baseball and hockey with my boys.
3) Two trainings were with my sister! Fun!

Now please consider yourself tagged, invited, coerced, whatever! Join us at Sherry's blog Chocolate For Your Brain.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Small Success Thursday April Vacation

1) My classroom looks AWESOME because, when I found a tagsale bookcase, Dear Hubby gave it a back and helped me bring it in. Then he helped me change over books for my next unit. Then today my Zoe helped me so I could hang up some new charts.

2) Haircut!

3) Time out for lunch with one friend, a visit from another and the whole Bible Study gang tomorrow!

4) Read the first two books in The Hunger Games series. I really like them. I picked them up because I *had* to but thought the author did a very good job.

How about you? Any successes? Go here

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Help please!

I need some practice evaluating reading levels using our school's benchmarking kit with students who have not had this test yet. I'll be able to give you some very specific ideas for improving their reading and do a retest in summer to record progress.
I'm available Wednesday or Thursday next week. I can not do more than one at a time so the price is keeping kids playing outside while I work with one.
The test involves showing them a short text and listening for their fluency and self corrects as they read. Two sets of oral questions evaluate their understanding of information in and beyond the text. Then we ask about the text (author's purpose) and the student has the opportunity to write to show comprehension.
If you are interested email me at with the best day and time and the name of the child. It would also help to know "What grade level text can your child read and understand the directions and text?"

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Eggday!

Murphy traditions continue today! Egg decorating with all the cousins. I think I'll actually make it after being sick and swamped at work for weeks. The goal of my blog was originally to help think about my spiritual life, living as a Daughter of the King. Piety, Study and Action are the three pillars I learned to think on through Cursillo. My work has been so overwhelming in study an action that I've had hardly a minute for piety. I did have retreat and Cursillo grouping which made a huge difference.
Will my blog every become again a weekly thing? Not for a while, but that's OK.
Off to enjoy my family!
Happy Easter.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Local Crisis Pregnancy Help

Bethlehem House!

1- during pregancy and for the babies first 2 years
2- keeping moms in college!
3- necessities and sweet homemade items
4- accessible

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Small Success Thurszzzzzzzzzzz

I'm mostly awake.
I'm not looking forward to detention hall next week.
But I did give out all the needed detentions.
Enjoyed my training class on ESL learners. We had a 20 min lesson entirely in Spanish and I had a good laugh with my students the next day about how badly I did!

That's it-- tired.
Visit Sherry for some funny posts.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Day in the Life

This will be my first Linky blog about public school teaching after several years (approaching 4 ) as a homeschool blogger. The goal is to share a Day in the Life and like the original blogger I teach 6th grade English - but also 7th grade.
So I'll tell you about Friday:
6:20 alarm went off and I was moving slow but since I was expecting to be observed I managed to dress up a bit instead of observing the allowed 'dress down Friday.'
7:15 With 2 cups of coffee in me I left early hoping to clean up the mess on my desk from Thursday's project and some copying. thankfully DH was up to driving the others to school.
7:25 Started cleaning the desk, updating the agenda and our objectives board and checking emails.
7:55 Had a 5 minute meeting with the Special Ed teacher for my inclusion 6th grade.
8:00 Here they come! I let one boy check attendance while I emailed technology about attachments that wouldn't open.
8:15 sent off my homeroom and welcomed my 7th grade. They are a challenging class! First period is 90 mins. We have Read Aloud/Think Aloud then Independent Read. Both use the same reading strategy. Then we talked about the Intro and Conclusion for their Proposal paper. Only gave out 1 new detention! WooHoo!
One major interuption was a call from the library that 100 pages were printing and was it from me! No, thankfully, but it was a document I'd been struggling to open.
9:45 and my Inclusion class arrived. We had a similar Lesson Plan but they were making a poster to show the conclusion of our sample Proposal.
11:20 sent the second class to lunch. I have 22 mins for my lunch but I sat with the science teacher and we discussed a girl we are worried about. She's in foster care and is changing households and is looking for an adoptive family. She really desrves one and soon! Breaks my heart.
11:45 and we supervised everyone in middle school heading to their special and headed to the one available room for prep/lunch/meeting.
We finally had time to work with the ELL teacher and our Eng Language Learners were allowed to go to specials instead of an extra English class. It was so helpful.
1:00 and my 6th grade homeroom arrive for the same lesson. They were less than quiet for independent read so they didn't get the extra time on their poster I had planned. But that last class is long! 1 till 2:52! And they know it.
2:52 and I was racing for the ladies room!
3:00 and I cleaned up enough to manage on Tuesday.

Later a phone call let me know I didn't need to go to my usual Saturday part time job so I opened the wine and relaxed!
So- What's you day look like? Share it at The Adventures of a 6th Grade Teacher

Friday, January 13, 2012

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Small Success Thursday scheduling edition

Scheduling should be easier right now because my husband does it not me right? Wrong! Scheduling at school is hard. Testing, re-evals of reading level, lesson planning, team time etc. But I'm managing and enjoying.
Small Success today was getting one of my target students to write paragraphs!

Small Success was planning dates for DH's birthday gift.

Small Success was time to watch The Indian In the Cupboard with my girls!

If you have a spare prayer-- please lift my students to Our Lord. A couple of them are dealing with really tough situations. Thanks!

Now visit Sherry!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Small Success Thursday 2012!

I actually didn't read Sherry's blog till Friday after work but that's OK. Success #1 is I was able to read not only a reminder about Small Success but her extremely funny Friday post about about Stress and Moms.

So-- a reminder-- Small Success is an effort to have women recognize the little things they get right, finish or even just start. Its important! Too many women let the daily stresses and failures define them.

Success #2- Made it through the week while catching DH's cold.
Success #3- Helped a colleague with an Excel project and got to know her better.
Success #4- Found a bathing suit for Zoë's visit to the Y with a friend today and packed up their summer clothes from their drawers-- before winter is over. Yes! I know, I rock!