Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Day in the Life

This will be my first Linky blog about public school teaching after several years (approaching 4 ) as a homeschool blogger. The goal is to share a Day in the Life and like the original blogger I teach 6th grade English - but also 7th grade.
So I'll tell you about Friday:
6:20 alarm went off and I was moving slow but since I was expecting to be observed I managed to dress up a bit instead of observing the allowed 'dress down Friday.'
7:15 With 2 cups of coffee in me I left early hoping to clean up the mess on my desk from Thursday's project and some copying. thankfully DH was up to driving the others to school.
7:25 Started cleaning the desk, updating the agenda and our objectives board and checking emails.
7:55 Had a 5 minute meeting with the Special Ed teacher for my inclusion 6th grade.
8:00 Here they come! I let one boy check attendance while I emailed technology about attachments that wouldn't open.
8:15 sent off my homeroom and welcomed my 7th grade. They are a challenging class! First period is 90 mins. We have Read Aloud/Think Aloud then Independent Read. Both use the same reading strategy. Then we talked about the Intro and Conclusion for their Proposal paper. Only gave out 1 new detention! WooHoo!
One major interuption was a call from the library that 100 pages were printing and was it from me! No, thankfully, but it was a document I'd been struggling to open.
9:45 and my Inclusion class arrived. We had a similar Lesson Plan but they were making a poster to show the conclusion of our sample Proposal.
11:20 sent the second class to lunch. I have 22 mins for my lunch but I sat with the science teacher and we discussed a girl we are worried about. She's in foster care and is changing households and is looking for an adoptive family. She really desrves one and soon! Breaks my heart.
11:45 and we supervised everyone in middle school heading to their special and headed to the one available room for prep/lunch/meeting.
We finally had time to work with the ELL teacher and our Eng Language Learners were allowed to go to specials instead of an extra English class. It was so helpful.
1:00 and my 6th grade homeroom arrive for the same lesson. They were less than quiet for independent read so they didn't get the extra time on their poster I had planned. But that last class is long! 1 till 2:52! And they know it.
2:52 and I was racing for the ladies room!
3:00 and I cleaned up enough to manage on Tuesday.

Later a phone call let me know I didn't need to go to my usual Saturday part time job so I opened the wine and relaxed!
So- What's you day look like? Share it at The Adventures of a 6th Grade Teacher


Jamie said...

Hi I'm a new follower from Catholic Mothers Online. I used to be a teacher! It is quite an adventure...

Feel free to follow me back. :o)

For Love of Cupcakes

Miss Klohn said...

Yeah for another middle school ELA teacher!!! I too also teach an inclusion class. I can so relate too about the detentions. I have one of mine who has it 3 of the 4 days this next week and I had to write one up with a referral last week too! The life of a middle school teacher is never ever boring! :)

Thanks for linking up!

Miss Klohn
Adventures of a 6th Grade Teacher

Jill said...

Wow! Your day sounds super stressful. Thanks for sharing!

Marvelous Multiagers!

Mary B said...

It was actually fun! It's interesting with all those preteens!