Friday, January 6, 2012

Small Success Thursday 2012!

I actually didn't read Sherry's blog till Friday after work but that's OK. Success #1 is I was able to read not only a reminder about Small Success but her extremely funny Friday post about about Stress and Moms.

So-- a reminder-- Small Success is an effort to have women recognize the little things they get right, finish or even just start. Its important! Too many women let the daily stresses and failures define them.

Success #2- Made it through the week while catching DH's cold.
Success #3- Helped a colleague with an Excel project and got to know her better.
Success #4- Found a bathing suit for Zoë's visit to the Y with a friend today and packed up their summer clothes from their drawers-- before winter is over. Yes! I know, I rock!

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SherryTex said...

You do rock! Have a great rest of the weekend and get well!