Sunday, April 15, 2012

Help please!

I need some practice evaluating reading levels using our school's benchmarking kit with students who have not had this test yet. I'll be able to give you some very specific ideas for improving their reading and do a retest in summer to record progress.
I'm available Wednesday or Thursday next week. I can not do more than one at a time so the price is keeping kids playing outside while I work with one.
The test involves showing them a short text and listening for their fluency and self corrects as they read. Two sets of oral questions evaluate their understanding of information in and beyond the text. Then we ask about the text (author's purpose) and the student has the opportunity to write to show comprehension.
If you are interested email me at with the best day and time and the name of the child. It would also help to know "What grade level text can your child read and understand the directions and text?"

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