Thursday, April 26, 2012

Small Success Thursday - "What time is it?" edition

So, my poor husband has to deal with me. Two trainings, having to keep the cell phone quiet, meetings during every prep time lead to overtime. Major unpredictable overtime. Today I actually checked my cell, answered him that I'd be there 10 more minutes but then answered another text. Then when I finally cleared my desk had to stop to talk to two others.

Anyway today we put aside the crazy days and failed attempts and look for some small successes to celebrate. Why? Sometimes moms can be very hard on themselves and our kids pick up on that. They may become hard on themselves or disrespect mom. Both are problematic.

So my successes are:
1) Made it to Maggie's first birthday party! So much fun celebrating 80's style.
2) Watched some baseball and hockey with my boys.
3) Two trainings were with my sister! Fun!

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