Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Emotional Week

These are the angry, sad parents gathered to hear that our school will close. News reports have been lacking all the details. Yes the school struggles with MCAS scores. (Those who know me through my homeschool years can guess my views on that test.) However our Board, who has known the school's issues for years, waited until we were at risk of losing our charter to consider changing the charter for one that would give them control of finances and facility. Now parents are discovering the Board may have members who have acted improperly. Could it still be beyond their control? Maybe. In the meantime many families struggle knowing this was the right place for their children.
Please pray! Believe me MOST of these parents are concerned, involved and Praying People! They appreciate your intercession.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 Resolutions

I  do not 'do' resolutions usually (OK ever.) Lent is plenty hard enough. This year is different

1. I will not take a college class till summer session 2.
2. I will protect and use well my prep time at school for 'gasp' prep instead of college work.
3. I will organize myself so I get lots more done during our after school program so ...
4. I will spend more time with my own kiddos and my husband.

I am already in the midst of this rather than starting today. Christmas gifts involved lots of gift certificates to shops, movies and restaurants. I read books for fun instead of assignments over break. I did not correct ANYTHING until today. I slept and enjoyed family, James Bond, old friends and choir over break.

I even went to adoration!

Here I will track my successes and renew myself when I fail. I will also remind myself that these resolutions have a purpose. Becoming an urban public school teacher is only admirable if I have something to give. My family also needs me and I need them. My prayer life has been less than I need or my King deserves. It's time to get it together.