Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 Resolutions

I  do not 'do' resolutions usually (OK ever.) Lent is plenty hard enough. This year is different

1. I will not take a college class till summer session 2.
2. I will protect and use well my prep time at school for 'gasp' prep instead of college work.
3. I will organize myself so I get lots more done during our after school program so ...
4. I will spend more time with my own kiddos and my husband.

I am already in the midst of this rather than starting today. Christmas gifts involved lots of gift certificates to shops, movies and restaurants. I read books for fun instead of assignments over break. I did not correct ANYTHING until today. I slept and enjoyed family, James Bond, old friends and choir over break.

I even went to adoration!

Here I will track my successes and renew myself when I fail. I will also remind myself that these resolutions have a purpose. Becoming an urban public school teacher is only admirable if I have something to give. My family also needs me and I need them. My prayer life has been less than I need or my King deserves. It's time to get it together.